What is a Seconds Grade Pin or Imperfect item? 

Seconds Grade or Imperfect items show noticeable defects (e.g. scratches or dents) on them. These items are offered at a discounted rate. 

Please note that Standard Grade items can have minor defects or imperfections as well but these tend to be much less noticeable unless you are looking for them up-close.

If you would like a more detailed description on each grade please click here.


Can I get one of your designs tattooed?

Of course you can! I would ask that the artwork not be altered too much and to please send us a photo once it's done. We may add tattoo tickets to our website in the future but in the mean time if you would like to support us, the best way to do is to make a purchase from our store.


One of your items is sold out. Will it be restocked?

Unless we state otherwise, items that are sold out will not be restocked. About 90% of our store has a set number of stock and once it's gone it won't be coming back as we only have so much space in our small office. We would prefer to make room for new designs. However, that being said if the design is super popular, we may bring it back in a different variant!


Should I shop from this website or from your Etsy shop?

Where possible we would massively appreciate if our customers could shop from our own website instead of Etsy, this is because Etsy has really high fees (that continue to increase!) which means that we have to raise the prices on all of our products listed there to cover said fees. Shopping from our website would really help support us directly, if you do so already then thank you!


Will you be vending any markets or conventions?

We have thought about it but unfortunately we have not had the time to apply to any and we feel we do not have enough products to sell in a market. If any of this changes though we will be sure to let everyone know through our Instagram!


Do you offer wholesale prices?

Please email us at lazylucaofficial@gmail.com for any wholesale inquiries.



If you are a customer in any of the countries within the EU, please use our Etsy as we can no longer sell to EU customers through our website. If there are specific items you would like to purchase and they're not available on our Etsy store - message us through Etsy and let us know what items you wish to purchase. From here we will calculate your order and if you're happy with the quote we will then create a custom listing for you. 

Please note that VAT will be added at the end at checkout (depending on what country you are buying from the VAT fee will be different).